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Happy Birthday - Flamer and RockSolid - 20/02 - 22

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 flamer2000 (john)

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PostSubject: flamer2000 (john)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:13 pm

hi guys im john (gamertag: Flamer2000) and according to Dave i am the best sniper that he knows in Halo 3.
but truth to be told i am just lucky they guys just seem to pop up in my line of sight and naturally i shoot them, simples ^_^

i mainly play 1st person shooters but i do play the odd RPG like Fable and Final Fantasy and strategy games like Halo Wars and Command and conquer (not that i am good at them, lol)

if there is any questions that you wish to ask me or you wish to become my friend over XBOX Live contact me on either this forum or over XBOX Live itself. talk to you all in the topics and, see you on the battle field Smile
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flamer2000 (john)
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